Photo credit Reef Check Australia


The purpose of this project is to provide resources to citizen science groups operating in the Great Barrier Reef region to help them improve organisational funding amount and stability.


Funding for citizen science is typically provided by short-term grants, from individuals, governments, or foundations. Resources for many citizen science organisations are limited, and organisations typically spend a large amount of capacity in looking for new revenue. This cycle limits the capacity of citizen science organisations to meet their mission. Uncertain funding limits long-term planning critical for engaging volunteers, providing consistent data and building relationships with partners.




Marine Conservation Finance Consulting
Marine Conservation Finance Consulting is dedicated to improving the amount, efficacy, and efficiency of investment into marine ecosystem outcomes.




Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance

The Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance is a network that fosters collaboration, capacity building, advancement and action for citizen science that benefits the Great Barrier Reef. 


Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is fostering a resilient reef for all generations by catalysing and funding science that informs, encourages and inspires. The Foundation is the only independent, not-for-profit organisation in Australia dedicated solely to raising funds for scientific research into preserving the Great Barrier Reef.